sorry if this is in the wrong place, but between bass amps and guitar amps, you are not supposed to use a guitar with a bass amp and vice verse for risk of blowing it. Guitars are higher pitched than basses so bass amps must tolerate lower frequencies.

My question is how do I know what the range of my amp is?
Is it safe for me to use my pedal to make my guitar an octave lower without risking blowing the GUITAR AMP, or is it the tone that damages it, like uses alot of distortion.

Basically what is the tolerance of the different types of amps? Someone make me a set of rules or limitations of Amp usage.

Feel free to elaborate on brands because its obvious every brand is different.
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without getting into any technical mumbo jumbo, i implore you to take my word for it. you'll be perfectly fine running a guitar with an octave effect through a standard guitar amp.
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You shouldn't use a BASS with a GUITAR amp due to the SPEAKER not being able to handle the low frequencies.
You can use a guitar through a bass amp fine.
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