Hi all,

I've not long got my Ibanez, and though I absolutely love the guitar for its playability, neck and trem, I'm starting to dislike the pickups. On my Strat, I loved using the neck pup for almost everything, but the Infinity 1 (which as I understand is ceramic) is awful - it has a muddy tone with poor definition. The bridge pickup is miles better (alnico INF2), but still, for the tone I'm after, i think my pups need changing.
The tone I'm after is AFI, as I absolutely love their music. I know Jade Puget plays a Gibson Les Paul Studio. Does anyone know if this guitar is stock, or has Jade changed the pups?
If it's stock, would I get a more AFI sound by installing a Gibson 498T humbucker in the bridge and swapping the INF2 into the neck (I read about doing this kind of swap with an RG1570, "putting the alnico in the neck gives a better sound")?

Any comments/criticisms very much appreciated.


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I hear exactly what you are saying about the neck pup. When I tried the guitar out for some reason I had a mental block and forgot to try the neck pup but the bridge pup compensated. So anyway I go to band prac with my new axe, only to find that the neck pup sucks
Anyway in regard to the pups you're thinking of replacing them with, you can listen to some samples of them in LPs here http://www.gibson.com/Products/Accessories/Gear/Pickups/Modern%20Classics/
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