Poll: who is the godfather of metal?
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View poll results: who is the godfather of metal?
Kirk Hammet
1 1%
Eddie Van Halen
2 3%
Tony Iommi
54 76%
Yngwie Malmsteen
1 1%
Dave Mustaine
3 4%
Angus Young
0 0%
Dimebag Darrell
2 3%
8 11%
Voters: 71.
Kirk Hammett ?

Angus Young?

You left out Matt from Trivium.

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ozzy osbourne
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just wondering here, how could a recent player like Dimebag have invented a style that was common long before he started playing?
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I agree with Grog_ZE_Impaler

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ozzy osbourne

was the first person who came to mind when i saw the title
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clearly a metallica fanboy that voted for Hammet. Iommi is the man
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i dont feel like iommi should be considered the godfather. he was the ****in man no doubt but compared to like 80's and even 90's metal well, i dont feel like he should be acreddited to creating all of metal. he definatly influenced the creation of the earlier metal genre but he shouldnt be given 100% credit for it. no one is a true godfather. this guy may have added this and this guy may have added that but there is no one person he you can give the title to. i voted for dime just cuz hes the man, lol. agree disagree w/e just dont argue with me
Definitely Tony Iommi.

Everyone else on that list would agree too.
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Iommi directly, classical composers indirectly.
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Br00tal, Terror Kovenant=metal's king

Iommi, or Maiden.



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Roflmao half the people on there became famous well after metal was an established genre TS...

Edit- actually pretty much all of them except Iommi.
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Epic lack of salt in this thread!
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Dammit, I hit other by accident, looked really quick and didn't see Iommi's name on the list :S
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You left out Matt from Trivium.

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Iommi for sure.
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there i said it...kinda

edit: i do realise they are not here...so i kinda didnt say it...

How the hell is Hammet in there over Hetfield. i know neither of them are the Godfather but Hetfield would be closer than Hammet. God Damn, Hetfield writes everything, Hammet just looks pretty and writes a couple of solo's here and there. Come On.

And Angus Young, well you got the wrong genre here same with Malmsteen. This thread should have ended after the first Iommi post.

Iommi then Hetfield.