This is melodeath... sort of. Knocked this up today, trying to make it interesting.

The intro is meant to be quiet. Please don't turn up your speakers, or... well, ouch.

C4C as always

Sensory Deprivation.zip
This song is pretty sweet man. Nothing bad so far..

I like that 38 has a cool creepy feel to it.

Verse 2 has a sweet riff.

Solo isn't bad, it's a bit short IMO, but whatever. The outro is nice and slow. It would sound good if that riff faded out slowly probobly.

Overall, 9/10
I feel its missing something in it, The solo could be longer I think and it should fade out
I do like the riffs though and the song flows really nicely.

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=803802
I really like the intro, really good riffing there

Bars 38-45 has a really good melody,i cant stress how much i like that melody in there.

After the calm melodic bit, it comes a bit more hectic, really good.

Didnt like the solo, bars 82, 84 and 85, the A# doesnt sound in key in my opinion. Might wanna change that note.

Really liked the ending, but i thought you could end it with another melodic bit over the top, thas just down to personal preference though.

Overall, a 8/10

Good job.

PS = sorry didnt crit for a while, didnt check my profile
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Well, it was okay...

my favorite part was 38. had a really nice build up, but then you killed it D: i was expecting something that would blow my mind after that but you slowed down and went to a different riff

I also felt the solo didn't really fit much. it was just kinda there. Was a bit short too.

The ending felt a bit..er...empty? Well, the whole song kinda did, but i'm betting it's just because it's lifesless MIDI.

All in all, about a 8/10
Good job, just fine tune it.

Crit mine?

Once again, good stuff.

The intro is nice and groovy, if not a bit cliche riff-wise. The galloping is good, even if pinch harmonics in GuitarPro sound lame. Bar 30 to 38 was nice, a fitting transition. At bar 38 is where it starts happening; of all the songs of yours I've critted, I've begun to notice a signature style, and once more it appears on this song. The bass usage is just fantastic, and ultimately eerie and doomish.

Verse 2 is back to the groove, not much else to be said. The octaves afterwards though are great. Solo-wise, keep it. It sounds excellent, and fits.

I like the following doom riff, and although the drumming seems a bit sporadic, it's fitting.

The only things I didn't like was that during the first half, there was perhaps too much snare drum, and that the song ended abruptly. Otherwise, solid riffing and good song.

All in all, a good 8.5/10.

Critty?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=806209

Wow, I love it. My style perfected. Just wow.

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