I bought a pretty much new Epiphone Les Paul G400 Custom 2 days ago. It is awesome guitar and all but want to make a couple small changes.

If you take a look here you see the three pickups http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-G400-Custom-Electric-Guitar?sku=518325&src=3SOSWXXA

The way it is set up now the neck pick-up is the lowest, the middle a bit higher, and the bridge highest. It makes strumming/picking a little awkward and I was considering lowering the pick-ups as low as possible when i restring soon.

What ways is this likely to affect the guitar and the sound? -hard to do?

I don't like messing around with my guitar to much and if it's not too expensive would rather pay a music store to do it for me, since I have to go any way. How much should it cost?

And finally, any reason I shouldn't adjust my pick-ups low/as low as they can go?

Thanks for the replies
It's not hard to adjust pickup heights, you basically just twist a screw.

And, the further away from the strings the pickups are, the thinner your sound will be. In my experience, anyway.
well I have nothing to help much, but I believe that is an Epiphone G-400 no les paul...
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well I have nothing to help much, but I believe that is an Epiphone G-400 no les paul...

Same deal. Unlike other SG's (I think any way) It says Les Paul on the bottom of the neck with the customs.
Lowering/raising the height of your pickups isn't some huge irreversible maintenance that might destroy your guitar or something, its probably easier than changing your strings. All you have to is turn the little screws either side of the pickup. The plate aroud each pickup has 6 screws, the 4 around the outside are to hold the pickup in place, the other 2 smaller ones are to adjust the height. When you screw one clockwise, the pickup will raise on that side and vice versa. If you screw it down/up too far, you can just turnt he screw the other way to until it gets back to the normal height.
Your pickup height has an effect on your tone because the closer they are to the strings, the stronger the signal they receive from them is. Feel free to experiment with them until you find a position that suits you. How high you have them is totally opinion based, there's no right/wrong way of having them.
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I would leave it and modify your picking style. Having the pickups very low would make your sound pretty bad i think. You would get lower output, making things muddy and badd. Leave em and try to pick a bit differently.
Well, I am also interested in seeing what kinds of tones I can get out of it. I might try it myself.
Closer = louder.
Pretty much but too close isn't good at all, you need it at a part where you can get your pickups mixed evenly (when played together) and where the pickup won't intefere yet won't be too quiet.