My dad just informed me he was lookin at left handed guitars to try and fool around with. He always wanted to try guitar, tending to mess around M(i think he just likes the noises effects can play, before i returned my VoxAD30VT i could ne ver find the setting where i left them; hed plug my strat in and mess with all the noises)

So he might actually be looking into them. I told him I'd help him. He wants a thicker neck because his fingers are really fat and itd make it easier for him. He bookmarked this


Checkin out the specs it seems pretty solid I suppose. 5 star review, nice company, decent enough pickups, and its got the split coil thing so he could covre everything if he wanted to mess with the noises.

Now, knowing he wants a thicker neck, and I'm gonna say keeping it within a reasonable price range (i dont think itd be a very good idea to buy a lefty guitar for a mass amount of money and have him never learn it. considering its lefty, its not like i could go on to use it and itd be a mutual investment), then do you have ay suggestions on guitars with thicker necks thta come in lefty?

i wanna try a certain guiar out soon, my dad said maybe sunday, so while we're there ill probably force him into checkin out lefty guitars. i cant exactly PLAY them but I'm sure I know enough at this point to be able to determine a piece of **** from somethin that wont be all that bad
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Just get him a righty, they're easier to find and it doesn't affect playing at all. I'm a lefty and I play righty.