okay- i know that the valveking is a much better amp as far as features (clean channel etc!) and that the windsor is only really any good at high gain. I know the valveking is also pretty good at metal tones. So the VK beats the windsor on cleans etc but as the windsor is a one-trick-pony do you know if it gain better than the VK? It makes sense that the VKs just simply better but i dont really sue cleans and would rather have no cleans and a good metal sound than an ok all-rounder. So has anyone actually played both and can comment on how their distortions compare?

-also the windsor is often put down because is 'similar style but not as good as a JCM800'. I def couldnt afford one of them so id just like to know about the windsor and VK -or any other amps in the price range if u can think.
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Windsor Gain>VK Gain
VK Everything Else>Windsor Everything Else
Gain=/=Good Distortion

Conclusion: Yes the Windsor would be better at Nu-Metal/Very high gain types of music, but for everything else, the VK wins (IMO).
The VK is a much more versitle amp, it can do an ton of differnt tones, okay, kinda a jack of all trades but a master of none type thing. The Windsor, is like you say a on trick pony, all you can do with it to clean it up is turn down the volume on your guitar. What kinda music do you play, and how important is a clean channel to you?

Clean Channel (even if crap)
'Versatile' (for the price- not specifically voiced for anything in particular

Not enough gain for a lot of metal
Not AMAZING at anything
Crappy reverb


JCM800 voicing
Fair bit of gain to dish out
Relatively cheap
Pretty good sounding amp

Lacking almost any form of cleans (has said to be rectifyable by using neck pup and putting volume down on the guitar)
Not AS cheap as the VK

I'd side with the Windsor
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cheers for fast respones:
i play just about any type of music although i focus more around meta old and nu. id like to have a useable clean tone but id never use anything 'sparkling' as such, more of a warm almost bluesy tone. But basicle just something to play with in ma room but ill only b gigging with the high gain stuff.
- oh and cos of price stc it will probly b the windsor stack or the vk112
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IMO, VK+Pedal>Windsor. You can fix the distortion, but not the cleans, that's what I always say.
^ sounds to me like the VK is more suited for you. Whats your budget? you can find a lot nicer amps out there used.
Then the Windsor is for you
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im in the UK and the most i can spend is around £350 but ill go a bit over if it means a big inprovement
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You can fix the distortion, but not the cleans

The cleans are not that bad IMO they are no fender by any means, but I have heard much worse, 5150 for example. The bright switch helps alot
^i could b mistaken but i was sure the windsor didnt have a bright switch
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-also iv heard a few people say they just put in lower gain preamp tubes which helped- i was looking at retubing it as soon as i got it neway as i hear the stock ones are crap
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i have done their actually some of my favourite amps- at first i was looking at the lv series but id rather go all-tube in which case im left with the vc/lc. i was playing an lc15 earlier today and thought it was very nice but not my style- im going to go agin and try it out with a few pedals and see if i can find a comination that works.
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I just got a Windsor, the mid range rock'n'roll gain is great, but that its it. I use the effects loop and put my effects processor into it for my metal. Sounds amazing, with Tubescreamer as well. Overall, the tone is there, but the versatility is lacking. Try Randall, the VK, or something else. Always try before you buy.
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radalls are actually quite hard to find in the uk and when u do there asking a lot more than their worth. Id really like to try before buying anything but the music shops near me are rather ****.
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