How do you create a forum, I'm looking to create a forum for my band so that people who like our band can talk to other fans and the like, also we can keep them updated with things that could be found interesting to them, so where can I get a free Phbb or Vbulletin I think they're called. And are they easy to callobrate.

Bands URL: www.myspace.com/electricnightmaresuk
I'm not totally sure, but i think you would have to pay for any version. And even if you do find a free version it would be crap.

EDIT: Alright...i take that back, that site looks okay.
^ You have to pay for the vBulletin software, and a MySQL database in which to house it, if you're going to get someone else to host it. ZetaBoards - the upgrade from InvisionFree - are fine. My friend's forum, www.noe-version-2.com , is a ZetaBoard; and it works fine for him.