well i'm bored so.... if you had to play a guitar for a day or two with ONE broken string, which string would you want to be broken? why?

and no answers like: none i need them all or well i'd just change the string...

i think the A string for me. a great loss, yes. but i think i'd drop D my guitar, and play around with an open D chord
High E
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Low E acutally, but in all honesty, my guitar won't maintain its tuning with a string missing, it screws with the tension or something, so I can't play with a missing string.
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High e. All though I liek playing around with it, it would be good for me NOT to use the high e for once.
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If I was good at string skipping: The b string, but since I'm still working on it, I would definitely play with a broken high e string.
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