probably not. your not going to be happy with any acoustics in that price range. if your basing your comparison on more expensive, higher quality guitars. just save up for the guitar you really want. you'll only spend more money upgrading and upgrading.
its probly good for the price but you could get a better guitar if u had a bigger budget
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If you're looking for a guitar that you can actually live with for a while, I wouldn't spend less than ~$300. Most guitars that are cheaper than that won't be that great, and you'll just want to upgrade soon.
As a proper Fender, it's going to be a lot better than the Yamaha you mentioned before. But as your still paying off the electric, I think you'd be better off waiting, and putting more into a fund for a better Acoustic, like a Taylor or Ibanez, though there are a few Ibanez's in your price range at the moment, which I would think (though not totally sure) would be better than the Yamaha.
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so i talked to my dad and he said if i wait till xmas he'll be me a $600 electric-acoustic
think i should just wait?
Can you wait 10 months for a new guitar? You say your Squier sucks so you'll want a new one before that, I say just save up.
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