Alright, I've been looking for sites to find most ( preferably all) Major, Minor and overall beginner scales to the bass-guitar as I need to embark on the quest to learn all the scales. So far no real luck.

If you know any a site that has been good for your developing of scales, let me know with a link. If you got some advices on how to memorize the scales that would be good too. Cheers.
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Can someone explain this? I thought C Major scale was: C D E F G A B C only?

It is only C D E F G A B C just each one appears multiple times
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Uhm, how do I figure out which notes to take then? Or does a major scale have to be in aplhabetic order, so that I kan go with 7 notes in aplhabetical order in order to take a scale out of it?

You need to learn the intervals that make up a major scale:

Whole step, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half

That way you'll be able to construct them correctly; the scales will seem to go in alphabetical order, but you'll be leaving out accidentals entirely so you'd probably just be exploring the different modes of the C major scale instead.
So, newbie question:

I know the intervals for major scales now: whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half.

So knowing that, I will be able to construct ALL and ANY major scale if I use that formula from the root note?

And in that case, minor scales: If I know the intervals I will be able to do a minor scale, if I use the formula from the root note?

I just don't get that site. I mean, I know the intervals for a major scale but it just shows dots everywhere? I mean, how am I supposed to make up a symmetric scale? I don't get it, shall I play ALL the blue notes? :S