Hey guys,

This is a song I wrote pertaining to war. I think I put a cool riff together, I am pretty close to an album here...


Its called A Call From.. and its in my profile

Pretty cool riff. I like the guitar playing alot. the Vocals need a bit of work not alot though they're just a little flat at times. but you should do a proper recording this could be awesome. throw some reverb on the vocals. and reverb and Eq on the guitar it could be great.

but yah over all great no messups that I can hear good job

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hey, great song. i agree with ^ the riff is cool, all the guitar parts are really catchy. my first impression is that this is a really drum friendly song, i think drums would make everything a lot smoother. i don't think it would need bass though, just keep it simple. i think the vocals are great too, not much work needs to be done there. all in all great song!