Last summer I refinished my first guitar, a Westfield Les Paul copy. After a few hits of trial and error, I got a decent layer of colour on it but then ****ed up the fake binding (I destroyed the original binding with alien-blood paintstripper - that stuff was strong). So I left the thing on the guitar rack and ignored it

I've got a couple of weeks off work, and the thing was looking sad and miserable in the corner, so I decided to do something with it just to pass the time. Looking around, I found a spare dessie combat shirt, and I thought I could do a material finish on the guitar.

Unlike the guide at project guitar, I'm covering the whole thing in fabric - front, back, sides, headstock and neck. Then I'm going to add a few relevant badges, seal and clearcoat. I've not decided whether I'm going to have a gloss or matt finish yet.

As far as hardware goes, I've got gold hardware I was intending to fit to the guitar originally. I'm thinking about spraying them a tan colour, or I might just get a whole new set of black hardware.

Anyway, after a few tests glues of fabrics etc, I started the project proper tonight. Pics following once I download them off the camera...

Started on the headstock. Glued down the fabric, fixed material, covered the fabric in glue. I'm using a PVA derivative for the glue, it dries quite quick, hardens the fabric for easy trimming and holds the cloth to the guitar well enough - especially as I'm going to seal it then clear coat as well

Body started.

And thats all I've done tonight. I'll wait overnight til the glue dries, then trim the excess off and start on the back and the neck. Then the day after, I'll hit the sides and get it all tidied up in preparation for clearcoating