Hello, I've been playing guitar for around two years now and i'm not sure i am progressing anymore,so far i have learned some pretty basic stuff (palm muting,a few scales,chord transitions) I know a few songs, and many riffs as well.

What should i be learning next?
I have thinking about trying to learn some Tapping (Hammer on/ Pull offs) but i don't know where to start with that, any help with that would be appreciated.

So any suggestions would be very appreciated
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Are you in a band? Try songwriting. It doesn't even have to have lyrics. Just explore what you know. Sit down with your guitar, learn some music theory, and start learning about what you are playing. Infact theory is how most songs are made. Once you know what you are playing then things come together easily. I've been at your stage, trust me, learn theory.
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Normal tapping is ridiculously easy. Anyone with a few months of experience could probably play the Eruption tapping part. Its not really an important skill either until you have progressed enough to be able to make it work in a song :P
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I felt about where you are like 6 months ago. I started finding things I wanted to learn that I didn't know... First hammer ons/pull offs. Then speed picking. Right now I'm working on sweeps. I can play some 3 string sweeps so far and I'm getting better quickly. There's a GREAT lesson on here that explains it. On the front page, type in "sweep picking" and click on lessons from the drop down menu and click search. It's rated at 5 stars from like 105 people.

Also, learn some theory. I did that, and it has helped tremendously.
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