Well first off let me start by saying hi and thanks for looking at my topic. ive been on other forums so i know how they work, but this is my first music one so bear with me while i learn the ropes.

so now for my question. essentualy i want to start recording, but my friends are not and we still lack a drum set to record with/play on. ive tried MIDI drums (on cubase LE. hard as hell and i still dont get what MIDI is) and failed misribly. so i was wondering if there was a site where i could download "just one part of a song" (ex: just the drums, etc...) that way i can record my vocals and guitar and put it over the drums. if you know of such a site please link me to it. thanks.

im guna record some stuff by myself for fun and until my friends are ready to join me. do you know of a site where i can get that stuff?
You won't be able to find what you're looking for anywhere. Instead, you should use MIDI to fill in for all the instruments you don't have. Read up on MIDI here, it's a great tool when you learn how to use it.
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I have foregone the band member thing do to musicians are on a large part cry babies just look at some of your responses. I do it all my self. I dont know your DAW choice all that well but there should be a loop control panel that has some prerecorded drums for you to play with if not you can go to e(vil)bay and for about $10 bucks get a gadzillion loops for you DAW. Then you can cut, paste, and streach your little drum beating heart out.
Also check out www.guitarbt.com to download backing tracks to your favorite songs.

Definitely take the time to learn more about MIDI. It's a wonderful tool to help you along your way, and tweaks guide is excellent.

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MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
basicly it's not an audio signal it's a way of computers generating a sound using binary.
Just experiment more with cubase a bit more to create simple drum loops. Once you get use to it you'll be whacking out beats in minutes.
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