Would you say your a jealous guy when it comes to girls?
Or a jealous girl when it comes to guys?

I'd say I probably am unfortunatley.


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I am. I'm as jealous as it gets.
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I gave up on being jealous, took to much effort. These days I just get pissed.

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I used to be when I was like 16, then I grew out of it. There really is no point in it in my oppinion, people are going to do what ever they are going to do and acting like a child is usually more reason for them to do it
Sadly. But it's usually the past I am jealous of.
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It honestly depends who it is and how I feel about them.
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i am very, there is a girl i like but she has a bf so i am
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Im really not a jelous person, i think if my girl was maybe up to something or being really flirty i would be able to sense it, i have these funny suspicions about people i can tell if they're being fishy
yeah i am, but stupidly, as the girls i like are way out of my league
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Never had a girlfriend, but Probably hehe. I wouldn't be jealous or overprotective, but I have a pretty open mind and sometimes I imagine about the worst that can happen, even when it's impossible.
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Would you say your a jealous guy when it comes to girls?
Nah, I'm a slut. We aren't allowed to be jealous.
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I'll call it protective.

Whether or not people are a threat are not, sometimes they seem it anyway so.. yeah :/
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
I pretty much don't give a sugar-frosted flip either way....

Maybe that could be a problem down the road...

I just think that if you're jealous you don't have anything else to worry about...

It's pointless to me.
Really depends on the situation, but not usually.
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"I get so jealous, I can't even work"

Really though, no. I think being suspicious is a completely different thing though.
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After being 'the other woman' for quite a while I've had my share of jealousy, but I'm over it now. Jealousy is just a crushed little voice in my head... like my conscience
call me Shelby

i am to an extent. im not crazy about it though. i think its normal to have some degree of jealousy in a relationship. my girlfriend can be extremely jealous sometimes, and it really makes me mad. ive told her so many times that she has no reason to be jealous, which she really doesnt, but she still gets mad at me.
Yes, my girlfriend has a really good friend who's a guy, and it pisses me off when he talks to her for longer than about 10 minutes. I think he's gay though, so nothing to worry about.