I heard Helter Skelter by The D.O.C earlier. Its the first album he made after his larynx got messed up in a car accident, and, compared to the amazing tone he had before the accident( i thought his voice was amazing) its astonishing to hear how much his voice had changed, instead of clear and rich, its raspy and frankly kinda sounds demonic at times.
So i was wondering if you guys know of any other examples of vocalists who had their voices messed up but still carry on singing/rapping? Its an amazing feat, pretty much like a guitarist losing most of their fingers and still going on . ..
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Matt Tuck, vocalist of Bullet For My Valentine. He had laryngitis, but he went on to make Scream Aim Fire, and his voice is noticeably different. Still sounds great though; I just miss the screaming from The Poison..
Not sure if it was the Larynx. But M. Shadows *A7x* had minor throat surgery between the release of Waking the Fallen and City of Evil.

His voice has changed alot since the WtF days. I sort of miss his old voice.
If any A7x fans come up replying to this saying 'Lulz, Watch Da DVD'. I know it was a band decision to stop screaming alot. But Shadows DID have surgery which was another reason.

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Bob Dylan's and Tom Waits' vocal chords probably look like beef jerky

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As much as the music he makes isn't for me, i have to admire that takes some guts to continue after that.
next time I plan to go straight for the vocal chords
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doesn't dave draman (i think thats how you spell his name) from disturbed have surgery on his larynx almost every tour?
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well we all know what happened to james hetfields voice...

too much sucking ****? damage to the deep throat?
Bonnie Tyler... i think she had a throat problem n was told not to talk for 6 weeks.. but ended up screaming... so it screwed up her voice... i love her rusty voice tho
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Chris Cornell might have throat problems or mebe he's just getting old and was/is a chainsmoker and he's been singing for like 20ish years
I think Robert Plant had some sort of operation on his throat in the early 70s......which would explain why his voice is completely different on every album after (but not including) Led Zeppelin IV.

And I know Freddie Mercury suffered from nodules on his vocal chords or something like that....yet he was still one of the all-time greats.
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The singer of jawbreaker had some throat problems from smoking.

Blake Schwarzenbach has had a few throat surgeries, I think. His voice sounds different on every Jawbreaker album.
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