Poll: Which Graphic Equalizer?
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Fish and Chips
9 56%
Boss EQ
7 44%
Voters: 16.
I have the Fish n Chips. It does the job very well. Haven't tried the Boss.
can be having one thread only plz

this one is quality vs. cost, u gots ta think which you'd rather have
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Boss by a LOOOOONG shot. I've used the boss and it's amazing. I never tried the fish n' chips but I used another Danelectro pedal and it broke after 3 months.
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dont go with the fish and chips. I've never used the danelectro EQ but there distortion pedals are pretty poor. and if there anything to go by this will be to.
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if youre not into kicking you pedals... the danelectro shoulg be fine
I got to give another vote for the MXR. Way better than the boss and the fish n chips. It's even got volume and gain sliders which work well for a clean boost.
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they do the same thing the boss is better built though, it won't break in a gig
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Fish n Chips is a nice EQ for the price. The best DE pedal of them all IMO. Easily compares with some of the other pricey graphic EQs..
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A guy on this forum picked one up and loves it. It actually allows you to mess with a lot more frequencies than your standard equalizer. It looks preety good.
Don't all go lumping Danelectro into the suck bin. True, they have some bad stuff, but they do have some great pedals too. Their Fish & Chips EQ is one of the better pedals in their mini line, especially for the price. It does it's job, and does it well. I don't know what else everyone is running, but I have very little hiss, and to be quite honest, I didn't detect all that much more from adding the EQ.
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the MXR KFK Ten band Eq is great because it flexible
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i have the twin pedal version of the boss one, and i love that thing. ten band, and proggramible presets. but its costly, and u probably have to go out and find one on your own. i bought mine used. but out of those two, i'd go with the boss. i've tried the de, and it just didnt do it for me. too much noise.
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