the Guitar Tab For Stray Cat Blues Is Amazing In The Get Your Ya Yas Out. If Anyone Can Tab This A) They Are Great Guitarists B) I Will Be Eternally Grateful As There Is No Source On The Web That Tabs This Great Live. Pls, Pls Help Me Out.
Wrong forum.
Using that size font won't help, in fact it'll hurt your chances of getting it.
There's no reason to capitalise every word.
Figure out the solo yourself.

Either that, or go to the right forum for this type of thing, which labeled "Tab Discussion".

And while you're at it, use a letter size that will make people want to avoid shooting you in the face with a nailgun.

Delete this thead.
I'm a person.
damn pink u just mutilated that guy... lol not to discourage u dude but dont piss people off with that huge letter size
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