I know how all UGers think....so this will be the right video for all of us in the Pit
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i busted a g-string while fingering a minor...
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0h @nd U M@Y H@V3 2 T@LK L1K3 TH1S..... 1TZ TH3 L@NGU@G3 0F TH3 FUTUR3
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My old band teacher once called me a penis wrinkle.
One skin, two skin, three skin, four skin.
Sat in a lab, curing diseases. They actually LET me play with chemicals!
"Ultimate"-Guitar is the worst website on the internet. Polluted with unintelligent mongoloids.
That can NOT be real.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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Rainbow was a genuine kids show, and that's the cast, but as I said, they just made it for the lulz, it was never broadcast.

notice how when the pink guy said he had a small "twanger" that both of the puppets looked under the table.

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For a moment I thought velcro shoes were ones with the whole bottom made of velcro

She could walk up your pubes with those

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this post has aids
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and 07'ers will always be well-respected members of UG society.
thats too good
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Mentallica, i think you just made my drive shank crank

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You sir, are a true hero.

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Dude, seriously, you're an ass hole. That place where **** comes out, yea that's you man.
---name pending?--

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No. Everybody dies. And one day, given that your relationship doesn't crash and burn like so many do, one of you will end up deep in sorrow while watching the other one die.

lol that was great
Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent
Victor Hugo
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Hang on, why would I want to laugh YOUR ass off when I have a perfectly good one of my own to laugh off?!

He wants you to exercise his ass away FOR him.

Lazy bastard.
Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you