So, who here using Flatwound strings? If so what can do you use?

I just put some GHS flatwound on my bass, and I love them. But I don't know if they are made anymore. (These particular strings were made in 1960)
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1960??!!...!? That's very odd... but yeah they still make GHS flats. Although... I don't think they've been making them for 48 years.

You sure?
I could be wrong. Maybe my dating is off.

Anyway they are very old though! Never used but old!

Do you know when they started making the?
I have used roto flatwounds

they are amazing!

they are much harder to use and are great to practice with if you ask me
I used to use flats...I miss them...o.k. not really they sounded good for slow pretty stuff and jazz but weren't much for all of the other genre's (at least to me). I used all kinds, GHS, Rotosound, D adario and others, though my personal favorites were either the rotosounds or d adario(sp), and honestly, i wasn't fond of the GHS
From what I understand, most flats from the 60's were nickel, as opposed to stainless steel (chrome, monel, etc).

I use Dean Markley flats on my Precision and GHS flats on my "electric upright". I actually prefer the GHS because they're very tonally neutral and have a grippy stainless nature that stainless rounds have but most stainless flats smooth out.
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you put bass strings on your bass from 1960???
I hope you really like the tone because if they were in decent condition im sure they would have been worth something, atleast enough to turn one pack of flatwounds into two
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I got my P Bass and it had flatwounds on it, it was cool..

Then i put some normal strings on, and it was amazing hahaha
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I used to use Rotosound flats on my fretless, but I never really liked the sound or feel of them to be honest. Eventually I moved them onto my Schecter, and I still didn't like them. Just too mellow for my taste, I guess. I may have to try some other brands, though, just to see what they're like.
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I swear by DR flats. I find that they work great with my travel bass, which has an overly bright piezo bridge.
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I'm strung up with D'Addario Chromes. They sound alright, but they feel amazing to play.
Where did you find such old strings??
i had rotosound flats on my p bass when i sold it
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