I decided to not get a multi-effect pedal, as the cheap ones suck-ass and the good ones are like $500, so I won't even try until I can get that kind of money, but something else caught my eye..

A Talkbox for the guitar.

They apparently are cheap, so should I save and get one?

They look fun, and looks like it'd be better then a wah-pedal (heh). I'd be able to do robot voices and everything.. Are they worth it?

Keep in mind I've never had any effects for my guitar besides my amp's built in distortion and overdrive (which by the way aren't that strong..).
be aware of what kind of talk box you are getting, and how you connect it to your amp, you can do some major damage to your amp if you don't know what you are doing. for now, i would just suggest getting yourself something else, get yourself familiar with effects, settings and all that jazz. otherwise, a cool toy could turn into needing a new amp.
My amps are just ****ty little ones, anyways. I could replace them for cheap.
youre going to need a better amp to even hook up a talkbox then. check it out on a few sites. for the info you need, then upgrade you stuff, get your box, and wail away
So would getting a new talkbox end up costing me more than just getting a good multi-effect pedal?

I mean, a talkbox should be able to hook up to a small amp, right? Will it just not work, or something?

oh yea, and all I need is a guitar, amp, and talkbox, right? I don't need a microphone, or any extra cables or anything?
To get a decent talkbox sound in the first place you need to be using a vocal mic plugged into a PA. You amp also has to have a 'speaker out' jack somewhere. The ones that go 'in-line' as pedals are pretty poor, to tell you the truth.

Instead of blowing money on a pricey multi-effects why not get a decent new amp instead?
Well, I don't really care about anything on the amp, as long as it can give me a nice and clean tone, and it goes loud enough (not super loud, but loud enough..) it doesn't matter to me if it has none of the bells and whistles, as long as it amplifies my guitar, I'm happy.

So now I just need an amp that does that and has a speaker out jack (I'm not sure, mine might even have one!)
So, what I'd need is:

Amp w/ speaker-out jack
Vocal Mic

Do I need any certain kinds of cables? I read somewhere that you need 12-16 gauge cables of some sort (I can only remember the gauge part, not the cable type), or do I just need guitar-amp cables?
Ok, if I were to go with no amplification (I mean no mic), would it hook up to my amp just like a pedal?

I mean guitar->talkbox->amp

Would that work?

I really don't understand how these things hook up to anything, and I can't find ANYTHING on the net explaining this.. Can someone explain the hook-up to me WITHOUT a mic?

Basically just tell me what I need (basic stuff) and how to hook it up, please.
I'm positively sure you can't use a talkbox without a mic. Unless they came out with something new recently........

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

Isn't there a speaker in the talkbox itself? I'm under the impression it's got it's own speaker, but it itself has no power source, which is why you'd have to plug into an amp..
Aww, that's lame.. It's not so much just for effects, I'd like to make vocals, too. Thing is I don't sing very well, although I secretly enjoy it (no one knows!), so with a talkbox, my guitar can do the talking, and make it sound pimpin, too.

So would you know what I'd need?

I got


Amp (an input and a phone input, the phone input is a headphone input (obviously) same size as the regular input cable, btw)

I'm going to need

Vocal Microphone (I'm not sure about this.. Watched some videos, and people didn't have any mics...)


Would I need any extra wierd kinds of cables/splitters/etc or anything? (that the talkbox wouldn't already come with).
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I'm no expert on the talkbox lol, but what I've seen before in rigs is this:

Mic, Surgical tubing (comes with box), Talkbox, PA system, and speaker/mic cables. I'm almost 100% positive that a mic is required to make a talkbox usable.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

It would not work like that.

Here's how a talk box works.

Your power amplifier drives a speaker (horn driver I believe technically) in the talkbox. The tube is placed around the end of this speaker and is airtight. The sound is projected through the tube into your mouth. By contorting your mouth, you can change the tone of the talkbox. The microphone picks up the echo of the talk box from your mouth and plays it through the PA.
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So the tube goes in your mouth?


As for the talkbox matter, if any of you have the time, would you be able to provide me with links on everything I need? Like a link to a talkbox, a pa system, etc..

Please note that if you are going to give me links, I'm not rich, I don't care much about quality (for now), hell, I don't even have any brand name equipment.. So go nuts with cheap crap.
Ok, so I did a little of my own research I guess you could call it, but here's what I got...

http://www.zzounds.com/item--NDYPA2 - The PA system, comes with a mic..

http://www.guitarcenter.com/Rocktron-Banshee-Talk-Box-100236706-i1124807.gc - The Talkbox (says it has a built in amplifier...)

And I've got my guitar..

Do I need any extra anything? Those of you with talkboxes, did you find you needed to order anything extra? Once I get this stuff, I'd be ok? (It's alot of money, but less then I expected.. only about $500)

Also, would any of you recommend I spend this much money on these things? I'm not great at guitar, but I'm pretty good, playing for about 4 years (it equals to about actually a year or 2, it's complicated..), self-taught in theory and guitar, I try... Like, wouldn't I get this stuff eventually, anyways?
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