The pickups are crap on the Dean.
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Deans are alright, but with those prices, I wouldn't trust 'em.

Honest answer: Epi SG Supreme (not of either of those)
Biased answer: Ibanez FTW
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ya if neither of these is a really good choice than i am open to suggestions. The only thing i would like to keep the price between 200 and 250.
Dean, i ****ing love my dean
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i had that ibanez for my starter guitar
i´ve been playing for a year and i still think it is good
you are going to like the neck and the neck pickup gives sweet cleans(normal from a single coil)
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the ibanez better quality.
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The Ibanez.

Even if the Dean was close to as good, I would still avoid odd body shapes for a beginner guitar. You are going to want to sit at some point while practicing and rather than compensating for sitting with a weird guitar shape, a normal shape like the Ibanez will be more comfortable.

As said above, there are other decent guitars in that price range, too. Focus on quality more than tone. Hard rock and metal tone generally comes from expensive high-end amps, so you really aren't going to be getting those tones from a $200 guitar and probably a cheap starter amp (keep in mind you do have to buy an amp for an electric guitar, if your total budget is $250 for both, you may have to go a bit cheaper on the guitar).
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