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According to my Bebo page I'm William Shatner.


i jus noticed you go to my uni
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Ibanez RG(cnt remember)
Marshall MG30DFX
Line 6 Guitar Port

Am Halfred but aww ma pals call me cheech and a live ma life wicked style.

I am originally from Pakistan but I moved to Scotland 12 years ago.

A sell the big issue and am fukin livin life at the max.

A like to have a booze and a cheech noo and then.

A like hangin about wae ma best m8s Road Runner and Dick Hunter.

A go tae Road Runners hoose to check ma bebo (rich **** has a T.V n couch)

Mad Cheech says:
"fukin lost ma false tooth in road runners" (11 hours ago) me too!
Ehh most rave tunes. Tiesto. Dixxy. Scooter. Dj ****faced.

Whatevers on in Dixons. Mostly eh westerns wae Jack Nicholson.

I can tan 3 botto's of bucky in 20 seconds. Runnin fae eh police. Lookin fur dropped money.

Scared Of
Bein at the Job Centre. Gettin caught by eh police. No gettin ma Giro.

Happiest When
Boozin. Ravin. Shaggin (limited to street punters but they get eh job done) . Gettin ma Giro. Findin bucky oan eh back ae the bus. Wae Dick and Road Runner.

Road Runner
Erz a reason ihs **** is called road runner. saved us fae eh police crackin down oan eh homeless in st enochs dint he. fukin saved us. ye see the police nearly knocked us doon, but ehn big road runner ****in sprints ontae eh road n saves is. bless his soul. been pals ever since. people say ah brought him doon cuz a got him intae hash n wer always drinkin.

some of this s#it is actually true
Quote by freedoms_stain
According to my Bebo page I'm William Shatner.

You're a fraud! I'M William Shatner....and Bill Cosby.