Hey guys, the song is in my Profile. Its called Tune Up, its an old Miles Davis standard. Its a latin ii V I blues type song. it was recorded live at Wooster College in Wooster Ohio. It was an Honors Jazz band that poeple from private colleges in Ohio were nominated for. it was a great time. We got there the night before the concert, rehearsed, went to our hotels, rehearsed from about 9 till 4, and then put on a concert that night at 8. We had one guitar player, (me), piano, drum, bass, 4 trombones, 5 trumpets, 3 altos and 2 bari saxes.
on this song i would like crit on my playing overall, my tone, and lots of feedback on my improv. about half of the song was my soloing. dont hold back, give me what you got. thanks alot everyone, i will C4C.
i realize that this is illegal, however i have critted other people and left them the link to crit this.
i cant help but think that, once again, people are ignoring this because its not there type of music. if i did that, i wouldnt ever crit anyones work.
so, shamefully, i must bump.
Don't be quick to judge everyone my friend. I play double bass so I understand what you have going on here. Your tone first of all didn't seem to match well with jazz. It had a warmness to it that seemed almost out of place in the usual smoothness of jazz. It was good tone but sort of inappropriate.

Your improv was pretty decent and not a bum note hit so i congratulate you on that. But seeing as some of my Jazz favorites are guitarist like Farlow and Pass I feel you could have flowed together your notes better. It's like when a vocalist is told to scat on the spot if there not on the top of their game the length and timing of the notes they sing can feel weird even if their in tune. Overall good job glad to see the guitar was audible and it's good to see someone who likes jazz even if you are older than I am.
Smile alot today... okay?
thank you very much for the crit.
i agree about the tone, normally i would use my 60s es 175, but its having neck problems so im afraid to play it, especially when i have to travel far. its just too precious to me to risk anything happening.
i also agree about my solo, that is a style im pretty to at improving over, so it ended up being (dare i say) TOO bluesy. haha.
and im glad your into jazz.
your tone, while excellent is inappropriate as mentioned before.

Your playing is also excellent, great job! It is a bit bluesy (and I'm guessing you're new to playing jazz?) but I bet the tone influenced you in that direction. My only other crit is that it could've used some more swing and also more playing outside the box, using modes etc. but you didn't have a whole lot of time to open up and take it somewhere. Check out Grant Green's version of tune up, he does a fantastic guitar solo.

Keep the jazz coming, we don't see it very much around here... also you may get more responses if you post it in the blues and jazz forum.
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Hey man thanks for the kind words and tips on piano recording! As for this track i've only ever heard stuff off the kind of blue album, however its more than noticeable that you have amazing technique, dynamics, just would have loved to hear more, just perfect. look forward to hearing more in the future.
I've got to say, I like the overall voicing you have. However, I think some of you really need to keep tight with the drummer in order to sound better.

Your tone is pretty good, maybe a bit less mids for Jazz. The playing is pretty bluesy, maybe some modes would enhance that further, but otherwise excellent job.

Basically the bass, drums and guitar are pretty solid, but your wind section really needs to sort itself out. Do you have a conductor? If not, maybe a thought for the future.

My favourite part was where the drummer gets a more swing beat near the middle, it's a welcome change.

Crit Mine?
I'm not really a jazz tone nazi so I cant comment on that, but you did sound pretty flawless, as did the backing band.

Though I must say I was dissapointed with the level of applaus at the end

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