Poll: Where's your trem bar?
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Hanging downward
30 53%
15 26%
12 21%
Voters: 57.
Quick survey. Do you let your tremolo arm hang loose so that it points downward when you hold your guitar, or do you tighten it so it stays in one spot?

At the moment, I've got it tightened, but I might loosen it up if it gets in the way too much.
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i tighten it for convience reasons, but i tighten it to thats its still a little out of the way and it wont bother me when i strum but i can pick it right up...
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I tighten it. It kinda irritates me the effort people make themselves have to put in to bend one note.
mines loose, but it hangs at 90 degrees from the strings because the knobs stop it from dropping all the way. don't use it to often so it's cool.
Quote by Cobalt Blue
mines loose, but it hangs at 90 degrees from the strings because the knobs stop it from dropping all the way. don't use it to often so it's cool.

in b4 someone saying 90 degrees from the strings is all the way down (It's not if you hold your guitar like a human)

I don't have a guitar with a tremelo, but I know if I did it would be relatively loose, just because I can't stand it being too tense, but not so much that it would just go all over the ****in' place when I moved.
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In the case.
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I never use it. At all. Yet I still managed to go out to my shop and buy one.
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i lost mine lol
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When I do use it, it's loose.

But most of the time I don't even use it so it's inside my case.
i haqve it tight, but easily maneable also, i don´t like it moving at all
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On the locking trem I let it hang... On the strat trem I keep it adjusted so it sits a bit below the strings....
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It gets in my way if I'm not using it if it's tightened. Definitely let it hang.

Wait, is this thread about whammy bars?
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When I play guitars with tremolos, I have it very loose. I sometimes like to pull the whammy bar around the opposite way and do it that way, as I find it more comfortable, and I can get a better vibrato... even if I do look stupid.
In my case's compartment it goes in. I don't use it too much, but when I do it usually hangs down.
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Quote by Flyingwhitey182
I never use it. At all. Yet I still managed to go out to my shop and buy one.

it usually hangs down but sometimes it's tighten and left parallel to the bridge
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I keep mine in the closet because it's threaded wrong and it doesn't fit in its place in the guitar.
I put plumber's tape on the threads so it fits snug wherever it is, that's on the rare occasion that I actually put it on there.
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I don't think I can tighten a bigsby...

Probally can but don't want to as it stays where I put it and still can move when I don't need it.
i screwed mine up beyond belief. I twisted it in untill i stripped it out. It doesnt tighten, and it will always stay loose.