I am having a problem where my sound is cutting out. I don't really know how to describe it, but here's a recording: http://media.putfile.com/aaa-82 (sorry for the static)

I'm using a Schecter C1 hellraiser through a Roland Cube 60.

This only seems to be happening at relatively low volumes, but it's very annoying and I have no real idea what's causing it. The pickup battery is brand new.

Thanks for any help in advance
IS your volume knob turned up all the way, cause with my Zoom G!, it will kick off the sound when using high gain to prevent feedback
just take it into a guitar store and they'll know what to do because there can be a number of problems
your guitar cable or the plug on ur guitar might be shoddy.

you can wiggle the cable, try another, and / or open the guitar jack see if both wires are still connected to it.

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My volume is really low, but gain is high.

I mean the volume knob on your guitar