i'm thinking of painting my iceman. how do i decorate my guitar? do they have a program do color my guitar in a computer?
tell me everything about painting a guitar!!!

do you seriously expect someone to spell it out for you? do some research of your own, and you'll find that almost any question you can have, on any subject, has been asked and probably answered before on the internet.
ok this is so weird. ive been thinking about getting an iceman, and then giving it a custom paint job and putting in a whammy bar and i sware i JUST googled painting your own guitar and then i came back here and i saw this! thats weird. but yea, just google it, theres a lot of sites
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well, this is a community of guitars!

You have a point, but so does the guy who suggested google.com since we're all busy.
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You have 3 threads about your iceman open at the same time. wow.

just take a brush and have at it, you pansy
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