spending limit: 900-1000$

It will be used for mostly music, Im not really a gamer. I have alot of music. Like alot.

I really like sony, I have a dell desktop and eh its alright. So recommend me something.
Not the Air. But I'd recommend getting a refurbished MacBook. Not the just refreshed ones.

But yes, I suggest a MacBook.
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MacBook Air

nah man, those cost about $1800, and they dont even have a CD drive. theyre useless.

id recommend MDG laptops if you're in canada, or a cheaper HP. theyre both solid companies. MDG puts a lot of great features on for the money you spend.
for 900 dollars its not even worth it, it will be completely outdated in just a year
I do truly prefer a Macbook to anything else. But if you want to stay with Windows and get teh AIDZ, suit yourself.

Just look at MacBooks, for the price, nothing beats the hardware, the OS is just ten times better, and they're sexy as hell. Plus new versions just came out a couple days ago, meaning a good time to buy.