What do you guys think of this show? (It's on FOX right now)

Also, would you actually go on it? I know I wouldn't..some of these questions could totally ruin your marriage or something!
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i'm watching it right now and I like it
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that show destroys lives. i recently saw one where a newlywed openly stated that shed cheat on her husband, and married the wrong man with him sitting right there, and walked out of there with a grand total of $0 and 1 less husband. id never go on that show....ive got too much to hide.
I would just go on the show and blow through every answer. I don't have any secrets that would ruin my life that they'd touch on. Even if they did, wouldn't stop me. Unless you're being a real stinker, I can't see there being something you could confess that truly would turn everyone you know against you. I mean we all know that everyone else has secrets, what difference would it make if we knew them? I mean if you're cheating on your husband they are obviously going to ask you about it and then your marriage is screwed, but thats why you don't cheat lol.
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