Hello all! I have an older American Made Blues JR. I recently replaced all the tube and took it apart to clean it. In the process, I think I broke it!

Its plays fine until I start to turn in up louder, then the the volume drops considerably. Sometime its quiets indefinitely, until I "fix" it, other times it comes back on its own.

The "fix" involves me applying light pressure on any of the chicken head knobs.

I get the feeling it's a bad pot or loose connection in there. (It seems to work most reliably if I put the pressure on the gain knob) it then works again until I play louder, but even then sometimes it works fine.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that this model had cheap or weak pots and that this wasn't uncommon, but I don't remember if this was true or not.

If so, anyone know what kind of Pots I need. I can work my way around a soldering iron, so assuming I follow the safety precautions, this should be a cake walk and still worth the effort of a couple of new pots even if that's not the problem.