To make things clear, I do NOT have a 12 string guitar. I will be using my plain old 6 string

I would be using this powertab file here for this, and clearly the tuning won't work.

Any help? Or can anyone give me a file or link to some tab that I can use on my 6 string
Quote by jake_1234
its played in open c
capo on 4th
i assume ur talking about the live version

Open C is correct. Capo on 4th fret. If you learn the song "Ocean", you should e-mail or PM me and let me listen. I love that song more than anything......its wonderful.

Good Luck.
Tune the guitar to CGCGCE (Beginning with the low E)

You tune everything down two whole steps except the G string (Which you don't even mess with), the B string (Which you tune UP a half step to C), and the E string (Which you don't mess with either).

After tuning it, put a capo on the 4th fret and you're golden. You might have to kind of adjust the tuning on the low E because sometimes it just doesn't sound right for whatever reason.
That tab is excellent, very accurate. I used it to learn the song like 2 years ago.