heres a song i wrote awhile ago, tell me what you think. I also have a link to the basic musical structure of the song in case your wondering what it sounds like.

Musical Demo


take me to a place i know is mine
where the leaves don't blow and the wind dont cry
out on the see where nothing lies
where the earth meets blue and the blue meets sky

ill tell you the story about an old man
who drank so much you wouldn't think he can
well he set off to find the answer to life
as the stories go he was dead before night


heres what you do before you die
when your days are numbered and you've turned to rye
let the sun melt right into your eyes

well my life dream has never come true
sailing away into the lonesome blue
never going back just keeping on
the kind of life ive need all along

walking with my lady by the deep blue sea
the pearl white sand the waves splashing our knees
something about that ocean swell
it gives me my freedom it gives others hell


(instrumental solo)

singing, laughing, and dancing with joy
yet just another of our successful ploys
thinking of all well leaving behind
it would do anything but worry our minds

have you ever felt so free you just wanted to yell
casting your voice on to the ocean swell
something to be done before the end of your life
piercing the still ocean air with a knife


(instrumental fade out)