I got my guitar on Christmas Eve and today I started having problems with the highest 3 frets on the two thinnest strings. They just don't seem to play right and not much sound comes when I fret them.

Do I just need to change my strings or could this be a different problem?
Change them and see if that fixes it, if not it could be an action problem?
the problem probably isn't your strings if sound isn't coming out. it could be that your action is too low or that your pickups need to be closer to the strings. as far as changing the strings, i always change the strings first thing when i get a new guitar and try to change them regularly about every three weeks to one month.
Here is the problem.

I play the 1st and then the 2nd fret on one of the mentioned strings but when I switch the sound is weak and exactly the same.
Your strings are too close to those frets, and when you fret one, it's actually fretting several frets down. I'm not sure if this can be solved by simply raising the saddles (that's worth a try) but you may well have to change the bow of the neck, which will need to be done at a guitar store.
any other opinions? I suppose i'll have to take it to a guitar center to see if anyone knows what is wrong but could this be something more simple?
What kind of guitar is it? If it's a Squier, then it's understandable that the material used to build the guitar is **** and won't last.

If it's a mid priced guitar and a well known brand that's well praised then you might have to get it set up or change strings.
wow... all i can say is change your strings more often then every 3 months. ESPECIALY if thats your primary guitar you play. jesus... i change my strings on my acoustic every week, electric every month or so. Im really picky about tones tho.
I changed the strings and still have the same problem. I don't have any money for repairs right now and this is really frustrating me that no one has had this problem before.
depending on which pickups your using your high strings might not come through very well. Try changing the settings of your tone and your pickup selection. also make sure you guitar volume is maxed and if you need to turn your amp volume down.
Use a tuner and report back what the tuner says for each note.

No being funny mate but you've posted this in the beginners section and so there's no rreason why you'd be able to tell if the strings playing out of tune or not. Unless it's waaaay out or you have a really well developed ear. Which is a little unlikely ina beginner.
Your strings are probably to low, you could try raising your action. You can do it yourself pretty easily, depending on what kind of guitar you have, or take it to a guitar shop.
Dude you havent changed your strings since you got it? Even if it isnt the problem, get those ****ers changed.
I think you may need to adjust your truss rod as is sounds like your neck is bowed back. You could do this yourself if you learn properly how to do so. If you f'up adjusting the truss rod you could have more drastic problems though.
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