What kind of settings does Queen use for the guitar parts? I have a zoom G1, so i can get quite a few effects, Im just having trouble making it sound alike.
If you have the c.d. it should say all what equipment they use at the back of the little booklet thing. thats all i can tell ya
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um zoom g1 only has AC30 available in clean. Anyone know a similar tone, or do something to make my pedal make it distorted?
Ideally you'll need a chambered guitar with single coils wired in series, a cranked ac30 or three and a boost of some kind (and use a sixpence as a pick). You could try a distortion pedal model with the ac30 model if your zoom has one (or an external pedal) with the right EQ you might get something similar.

You can get a POD for fairly cheap these days and they have a drive knob on their amp sims, I can get a reasonable driven ac30 tone on my xt live.
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You want an overdriven tone with tonnes of midrange, plenty of treble and a teensy bit of phaser.
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