Just wrote this a couple of minutes ago; sorta jumped into my head, although it's unfinished and slightly short of perfect structure.

Well, feel free to say something about it if you feel obligated. C4C. Might as well post this since I'll be away for a week Friday. *I'm very tired, and some of the rhymes might seem terribly overused...and junior...oh well.*
Fists of shadowy figures fly fast
Upper cutting logic, undercutting the poor
As rumours circulate the World Wide Web
And those alive are left for dead

Corporate big wigs with bigger things to worry about
Than you
But don’t be fooled, it’s for the greater good
And their hair will be falling out soon

Rip the hair from the scalp of treason
Make them scream, don’t try to reason
Some may call it a cheap move on your part
But what do you care;
You’ve been undermined from the start