For all 3 years I've been playing now, I've been playing on a piece-of-crap Fender Frontman 15G and I'm completely sick of it (even with my Metal Zone it sounds bad, way too much noise)

I have decided I want a tube combo that can be used for practice, jamming, and even for small gigs someday. The price I'm looking at would probably be at a max of $750 or so.

I like to play a lot of metal but I like to venture into rock territory often. I also like to play clean stuff so an amp with good cleans would be nice.

The problem with all of this though, I have no idea what's good. I plan on going to my local Guitar Center (which is still 30 min away) during my spring break in about 2 weeks and I plan on playing on a bunch of tube combos to get an idea of what I want.