I'm currently looking at:
Vox ADVT50 (I tried this before and remember liking it)
Peavey Valveking 112 Combo
Palomino 15W

Which amp would be the most versatile and most fitting for my style? I play classic rock, blues, psychedelic Hendrix/Cream type stuff, and even some grunge and metal. Thanks in advance.
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Palomino 15w

And get a tubescreamer for a little bit more gain, maybe for Hendrix stuff

EDIT: i didn't see that you like metal also, but if you like metal a lot the palomino isn't for you. Its good for Clalssic/Hard rock, but metal will sound funny on this amp (it can do it, but some people might not like the tone). I would go with Valveking if its the only choice you have.
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Quote by sum_ugly_man
Exactly how much metal are you going to be playing?

Pff.. not even that much.. stuff like Ozzy, Black Sabbath, early Metallica... Honestly, it's the genre I least play, but I do play it.
I know exactly what I think I'm doing.
Quote by tr00 punx 666
go with the vox.

its a vox, nuff said.

As a former Vox owner, I still can't see how this makes sense.