So, this thread was partially inspired by the "Heavy punching bag thread."
I didn't know there were quite a few boxers on UG. Anyways, I've had an interest in starting for awhile, but I'm not really sure where to start. Would any of you boxers like to help me out
if you don't know how to throw a punch, go to a gym and have somebody teach you how. otherwise shadowbox, get a jump rope, pop on some tunes and have at it. footwork is far more important than fists in boxing. spend some time unleashing the beast on a heavy bag too. if you are totally novice i would avoid speed bags and punching mitts and especially sparring.
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i used to box.

too many bruises, too much training, too painful, and down right too brutal for me. i take martial arts now instead
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I kickbox and box, I personally like kickboxing more, but thats just me. I'm sure if you just google searched a boxing gym in your area, you could get their info and go there, just tell them you know nothing and they can help get you started.
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I used to box a little a few years back. It was great and definitely improved my overall fitness. When i first started it was very hard though as i wasn't fit and basically went straight into long distance running and training for about 3 hours a night, 3 times a week. I highly recommend it though have a look about in local gyms, fitness centers, club halls etc and hopefully you can find something there.
I punched a hole in my wall once.
Then, despite being at the peak of my game, I retired.
But then last Tuesday, for all those who thought my illustrious boxing career was over, I punched another hole in my wall.
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