Anyway, It seems good and all that, and I got it brand new for £50, which is a good price. However, is it supposed to make my amp quieter when I add more wet signal from the pedal. I noticed that going past 1 o'clock on the pedal dial makes a considerable change in volume.
Well, it's adding an echoish effect, which makes the volume a bit quieter? Mine does that too now that you mention it, but I've never used any other reverb pedals so I don't know if that's just an Electro-Harmonix thing or not.
It's the regular one I have as well. I'll check HC to see if it's a problem or whatever. This generally hasn't been a good day for me and my gear because I'm having a TONE CRISIS!!!

I don't know if I want my Blackheart any more, and was thinking of looking at a Fender Pro Junior, as I like the sound of them on YouTube. I've played a Fender Esquire through one before and it was nice, good cleans but I never got to drive it but it does sound good. My Blackheart is great and has godly tone but I want a more Vox like tone than Marshall Plexi tone.
Well, thats EHX for ya
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iv never noticed my holy grail cutting my volume but my small clone gave me a realy bad volume drop on the gain channel of my amps when i had it in the loop, was to bad on the clean channel though
get the fender pro junior

its nice i want one for my room

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I've only had mine in an amps effects loop briefly but remember the same thing happening.

I don't need anymor reverb than 12 oclock anyway. Hall settings best as well imo.
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