my gf got me an ibanez v70ce guitar this last christmas. so its only a few months old.

now i havent replaced the strings on this guitar yet as there are no nearby guitar stores and i havent been able to go out and get some yet. but i think i can rule out the guitar strings as a cause for this problem i am having.

i noticed when i try to play on the high e string on the 10th 11th 12th or 13th fret, they all produce the same sound or note. and it sounds a bit tangy wen i play on the 10th or 11th fret. its as if the 13th fret is too high and wen i try to play the 10th fret, the 13th fret catches the string and plays the note of the 13th fret. no matter how hard i try to push down on the string on the 10th fret to produce that note, it plays the 13th fret note. i hope that makes sense.

another thing is wen i play on my low e on the 3rd fret and just that alone, it kinda buzzes for the first second and then it sounds clean. is that the guitar? or could it be possibly old strings?
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but seriously buy new strings, and raise the height of the bridge
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Is the action and intonation correct? If not you should adjust it and check for problems again.
sounds like you might have back bow around the 13th fret area or something, i'd probably get a tech to adjust your action / truss or something when you get a chance to go to a shop
new strings, adjust action, adjust truss rod...

all possibilities, and if you do the 1st, itd be a good idea to do the 2nd and 3rd as well
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new strings, adjust action, adjust truss rod...

all possibilities, and if you do the 1st, itd be a good idea to do the 2nd and 3rd as well

listen to this guy, he knows what he's talking about
take it to a shop and have them fix it.

if you had asked in the right forum, some people might know. but the pit? youre not getting any logical answers here.
my bad guys.. i dont come to this forum as often as id like to anymore.

yeh im definitely going to replace the strings as soon as i get a chance.

all this tech talk means nothing to me though. i have no idea how to adjust anything on guitars im still a noobie to guitars.

where do i go to adjust the action of the guitar? is that found on the very side end of the neck inside the guitar?

i have no idea wat a truss rod is? anyone care to shed some light on that one?

and is it possible it needs to be refretted like that one guy said?

im guessing adjusting the action or the truss is probably the problem. i was going to adjust the action cause thats what i thought was the problem i just dont know how to do it. and im also assuming that these are very quick and easy fixes that anyone should be able to do (that is adjusting the action and what you guys mentioned)?

if i were to take it into a store would they know how to fix it if i couldnt get it fixed and how much do they charge for this stuff usually?

[ sorry for my newb-ness lol. you guys are helpful though and sorry again for posting in the wrong section. ]

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