Ok, so this contest is intended for any covers of big name acoustic songs. In other words, dont enter a cover of an acoustic song that no one has ever heard. As long as the band/musician who wrote the song is signed to a major label you should be fine.

-You will be judged on vocals as well as guitar playing, but primarily guitar skills since this is a guitar forum.
-You cannot have anyone else in the recording, and cannot have any other instruments, besides acoustic guitar and your voice.

This contest will be judged democratically. Anyone can post their opinions on who they think the winner should be, but please wait a week or two, or until a few entries have been made. The deadline for entries is March 20th. That gives everyone a solid two weeks to get their songs entered!

Good luck!
Yeah in! I like these.

All Along the Watchtower, link in sig
Mine is John Mayer's Slow Dancing In A Burning Room. It's in my profile.
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does it have to be an acoustic song? or can i play a non-acoustic song acoustically?
im in
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Count me in. I havent decided on song yet, but definitely mark me in.
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wakana, you should edit the first post to get a list of entries and songs up
Well, this is kind of pathetic. The due date has passed and only 5 people have submitted their songs.
Quote by DMBftw
hey um if u dont mind extending the due date I can get a cover up of Ants Marching by DMB....just gimmie a holler
I say you should just go ahead and cover that.
Is this contest still going? If so ...im in with my cover of "Take my breath away" by berlin.
Can I do an acoustic cover of Thankyou by HELLYEAH?
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Can I do an acoustic cover of Thankyou by HELLYEAH?

Dude, just do whatever.

If anyone wants to do anything, don't ask. Just do it.

I don't know if this is a contest anymore.

I like wardo9988's cover of "The Great Escape" best.
it would be epic if someone did tears in heaven unplugged by clapton, i would just murder it so im not going to :\
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it would be epic if someone did tears in heaven unplugged by clapton, i would just murder it so im not going to :\

I like that one. I might do it sometime. I already submitted one but whatever.
Hey just did a cover of Fake by The Frames today.
Didnt know bout the contest but sed i might as well enter it anyway tis on my profile.
And if ye cud leave comments on it ,see if i can improve or whatever I'll return the favour as well thatd be great!
i'd tap that .........speaking to a bass, its a music joke!

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i know the period has passed but im going to put one down...its Angel by Jack Johnson...


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