I'm not out in the middle of nowhere..I have houses all around me.

My friend recently got dsl that lives out in a rural area.
I just don't understand how they got it and I still can't!
Is there any possible way I can get dsl??

-I've looked into satellite internet and its very expensive.
-I NEED dsl here!

-Can anyone help me???????
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You're pretty much screwed. It's impossible for me to get DSL, and the neighbors that live a mile down the road from me can get it. I think you have to have some sort of connection box (I'm not talking about a DSL modem) connected to your house or some type of special line to be able to get it.
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okay well can someone explain to me how dsl works?

i know it runs through the phone line and there is somthing called a "cental office" that needs to be within 2 miles of my house ...correct?

Why are they not able to do this and why wouldn't they allow me to get dsl to take my money?

doesnt make sense to me.

-appreciate the comments btw
Your just going to have to wait until they get around to providing service to your area. This means they'll probably have to do one or more of at least two things...first, set up another "hub" to service your area(and others), and second, they may have to replace existing phone lines to handle the increased bandwidth(meaning the lines on the street). Around here, I've noticed they're taking the next step and started installing fiber optic lines to provide fios dsl. They haven't done it in my neighborhood yet, but, are slowly working this way. It doesn't really matter for me though, I'm using cable. I dropped dsl when Comcast came out with their tv/phone/internet package deal.