The ones they use are pretty complex devices, I think, but I'm pretty sure Danelectro makes a simple one.
Thanks guys. I was watchin TV and saw the Geico commercial and was like what the **** was that? Are they hard to use and what exactly do they do?
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Thanks guys. I was watchin TV and saw the Geico commercial and was like what the **** was that? Are they hard to use and what exactly do they do?
I can't tell if you're saying that's what you thought when watching the commercial or of that's what you're asking us.

Basically, it shapes the sound. It'll get the pitch and tone from the guitar, but it'll make it sound like whatever you put out of your mouth. Coupled with overdrive, etc., you can get some very cool sondus out of it.
Further question on to here... ive never really dabbled in talk boxes... just once before at a guitar shop... which in retrospect is kind of disgusting... but anyway... are you able to hook any up to the straight guitar amp and not need a seperate mic and mic amp? and besides the crappy Danelectro Free Speech...?
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so do you plug it into your guitar and mic amps?
According to Musiciansfriend, yes.
It is a guitar effect, they just usually run the tube up the mic stand for convenience, but it isn't actually part of the mic system.
I'm sure you need another amp for them, no?

So you get your original guitar signal from one amp and then the talkbox signal coming from another?
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I believe it works like this.

Guitar signal -> talkbox -> tube -> mouth -> mic next to mouth -> mic amp/speaker.

Otherwise the signal will be waaaaaay too quiet to hear.
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i would recommend looking at one of these, you dont have to woory about any amps because it has one inside it. you just plug your guitar in and it works. about your question if it is hard to use, its not that hard to figure out it took me about a half an hour. you more or less just talk silently and the form of your mouth changes the shape of the sound.
Make one yourself. Not those cheap youtube ghetto ones, but a decent homemade one. You can do it for a lot cheaper than a dunlop Heil or that banshee one.
They vibrations from your guitar sound are produced through the tube you put in your mouth. The way you shape your mouth determines what it sounds like. You need a mic to amplify the vibrations coming from your mouth to hear them good.
talkbox man bachee makes a good one easy to use just put it through your amp and guitar like you would a normal pedal its gt a speeker built into itt