Poll: do you eat your wheatbix with warm or cold milk?
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View poll results: do you eat your wheatbix with warm or cold milk?
cold milk
29 76%
warm milk
9 24%
Voters: 38.
so theres this long running debate between some of my mates at school. do you eat your wheatbix with warm or cold milk? its pretty pointless but i thought id get some UGer's opinions...personally i have cold milk...
What is this Wheatbix you speak of?
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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lol ima say cold XD
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cold milk
should make a poll
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Wow...I can't believe no one thought of that, I actually have lost 5% of my confidence for not thinking of that, I bow to you

1. Hot milk,
2. a tablespoon of sugar
3. 3 weet a bix
4. ???
5. Profit
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use to with warm but dude cold milks the way now!lol
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its weetbix and warm milk just makes it soggy twice as fast, so cold for me thanks
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warm milk...with some brown sugar on top....goddamn....THATS the way to wake up


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I've never heard of people who eat it with warm milk
Maybe everyone can post what they havve with their weet bix as well
-3 weet bix biscuits
-Cold Mils
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Warm milk makes them go soggy, cold milk FTW.

they go soggy evn with cold milk