I've been trying to get a talkbox-like sound using my amp's wah effect and my delay pedal. I've also been trying to get the right delay tone for tool's song "lateralus"

My delay pedal is a Danelectro FAB Echo pedal and it only has 2 knobs: mix and repeat. Are there any users of this pedal that can figure this out for both items? like setting ideas or something?

Sorry, but your not going to get a talk box by mixing delay and wah. Not sure about the song sound, bu if your unsure of what the knobs do, here's a description:

Mix will alter the level of the delay note. Crank it if you want the delays to be as loud as the original.

Repeat will either alter the delay time, of the number of delays, I'm not sure.

I'm pretty sure that this isn't going to help you much, sorry about that.