Ok dont hate me, but could someone post on here the standard pedal types (wah,tremelo,etc.) and give me a definition of what each one does.

that's a decent list to start with, your best bet is putting each one into youtube so you actually hear what they do.
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It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.
od/fuzz/distortion/tubescreamer- the baseline of stompboxes, they basically all give you more gain in some way, i hope you understand what that means example- boss ds-1/2 just about any pedal with the word drive in it

delay- speaks for itself, makes your guitars signal repeat itself and/or "echo" example- boss dd-6

chorus(modulation)- thickens your guitars signal, makes it sound uber thick and fat, kind of hard to explain, falls under the modulation category example- mxr stereo chorus, or boss ch-1

phaser/flanger(modulation again) gives your guitar a spacey sound, and when your playing in stereo, your signal will "phase" back and forth from speaker to speaker, jimi made this famous in the 60's-70's. listen to the voodoo chile solos, falls under the modulation category again

uni-v,vibe, rotary- another spacey effect, started around the 60's esque era. hard to explain, example- fulltone dejavibe

wah-i think all guitar players know what a wah pedal is, example- dunlop crybaby

octave pedals- they raise or lower your guitar 1, or 2 octaves lower or higher than what your playing in, example- digitech whammy pedal, electro-harmonix POG

reverb- makes your guitar sound "wet" adds more room to your sound and makes it sound very big example- boss rv-5 or tc electronics nova reverb

thats the jist of stuff man, pm me if you need any more help, cheers
not a problem bro, one thing i forgot was the compressor/sustainer- makes your guitar sound very dry and acoustic and can "sustain"/hold notes over a long period of time without having to crank it to 10. popular in jazz and light/weenie music.

that pretty much covers the basics of everything, welcome to the world of pedals =]