my friend jus showed me this site today and there are some cheap kool lookin guitars...has ne 1 purchased a guitar from this sit and no if there ne good!!?!?!?!?
i was thinkin of ordering a guitar jus for the ****k of it cuz there so cheap but i dont feel like getting a REAL crapy guitar n waiste 100 bucks
this is the guitar i was thinkin of getting looks AWSOME http://www.rondomusic.com/product1241.html
Your typing skills are HORRID!

ne good? kool? 1? n?

EDIT: It also looks like a horrible guitar.
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ugh...someone should probably report this.
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Quote by brandon369852
Your typing skills are HORRID!

ne good? kool? 1? n?

totly kewl d00d

And yes. Yes, I have.
you get what you pay for. im getting a cheap acoustic from there
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