my band wrote a couple of new songs and i wanted to get peoples opinions on them. they're on my profile as "untitled 1" and "untitled 2."

sorry about the extra time in the beginning of "untitled 2" as well as the sloppy solo.....i was drunk when i recorded it haha. also, there is no drum track for either of them because we havent recorded it yet, but I just wanted to get peoples opinions of the guitar ****. i recorded everything myself including some of the bass parts so let me know what you guys think. thanks a lot!
Both are pretty good.
Pretty good for being drunk too .
Anyways, since i'm not a huge metalhead, I don't have some super indepth review, but I can tell you that I liked it. not a 100% fan of your tone though. Maybe smooth it out a bit?
I dunno, I may just be a tone freak.
I also felt that it wasn't all metal. I felt some bluesey/rock-ish riffs in there a bit. Although it's cool, try to go one or the other. It's cool though.
Crit me here please!
Call me Wes.
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The playing ability in both are great imo. Just want to say that first.

untitled 1 is nice and bluesy and I think it's gonna sound great once you have a drum track with it. now this is just my kinda weird music listening habits talking but it also sounded a little... umm, stale in basic form. sounds too much like it could be a hundred songs that have been written before. but depending on the style alot of people won't mind at all. and if you was to sing something awesome over it, depending on how that's done, it may make it seem more creative. the solo was raging by the way, good chops. but kinda stale chord progression.

untitled 2 was KICK ASS from beginning to end. I loved it. the pinch harmonics are well placed and that lead riff is relentless and catchy. when that one has a drum track with it it's going to be freakin great.
Very nice and very clean playing here. I really like untitled 2, it sounds kind of happy without getting annoying. Your tone is quite nice, but sounds a little sterile and digital. But not bad! The solo is kind of sloppy, but not too bad, I coulnd't have played that while sober.

Untitled 1 starts out quite funky. Sound kind of fresh and creative I must say. I like it!
I couldn't listen to un1 for some reason but i did listen to unt 2.

You need better tone - that's not a very metaly tone. What are you using (Amp/Pedal)?

It sounded very metalcorish...

THATS MY RIFF BTW!! I Came up with that riff 2 years ago lol.

Are you alternate piking or just downstrokes?

I like the all little fills but i din't like the clean bit or the wierd delay after it.
i dont know why you couldn't listen to the first one, but i'm using a digitech rp350 into a m-audio usb fastrack and then into protools. I've been working on finding a better tone but i just wanted to get it recorded. as for the riff, which one is the one you say you came up with? i apologize if it is the same, but i've never heard any of them before (maybe something similar?) i'm not a big metalcore fan so i guess you'd have to hear the lyrics over the track (its singing not screaming). i appreciate the comments tho, its good to get criticism too.
Lol Coincidence i guess...
Yeah I dont like metal core either... im a thrash fan
But your song had that metalcory feel... It would have liked a horse chug--

Use the MEsa Boogie Dual Rectifier Model! "R" that gives me a heavy tone.
hell yea man thrash is where its at.....unfortunately the band i'm in (a few of my close friends) doesn't like the heavier stuff so i have to compromise and tone it down a little bit.