Would putting Emg 81 pickups in an Ibanez Gio be worth it? I play on a peavey bandit 112.
Honestly, it would help, but it wouldnt make loads of difference. But it is also a cheap guitar, what model do you have? The cheaper ones, it wouldnt be worth it, but the better ones it would be. Because you dont want to put a humbucker thats worth as much as your guitar into it. Wouldnt be worth it.
Not sure what model exactly, it has 2 humbuckers. Some gio models had 3 humbuckers or single coils.
Well with that, i would chuck a Jazz/JB Seymour Duncan set in it, It would suit the guitar better, and be just as good. Although i think it would be alot smarter just to save up and buy a new guitar to be honest mate.
To be honest, I'd just save up for a new amp. With an amp like that, new pickups wont make a huge difference in tone.

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